Oh my dog, i'm moving to the seaside!

Hi, I'm Boris a 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla. I have always lived with my Mum and Dad in Coventry and this is my new blog.

We enjoy walks and holidays as a family and I love nothing better than our regular visits to Lyme Regis in Dorset. Somewhere i have always been ever since i was a 10 week old puppy. It's a very special place to my Mum and Dad and photos of their Wedding Day along Lyme Regis seafront are all over our house.

But about 6 months ago I noticed things started to change. My Mum and Dad were always working late into the night and then I noticed our belongings started to get packed away. Mum and Dad started inviting strange people around to the house and Mum was constantly tidying up after me.

The next thing I know we all had to squeeze into my Grandma's house and I now have to live with Dotty who is a 13 month old Boxer dog. We get along great but we're always getting told off for playing and knocking stuff over.

Today I had some exciting news and everything started to make sense. Mum told me that we have sold up and bought a pub in Lyme Regis. We are planning to move the 173 miles from Coventry to Lyme Regis in 5 weeks' time, so its all go go go go now. Lots of planning and paperwork to do. Our soon to be pub is called the Nags Head and I'm going to make sure it as dog friendly as possible.

Mum told me that i'm going to be a pub dog, I even got a new dog tag with my new job on it and I've been proudly wearing it all day. We have always longed for a different lifestyle, we don't like being a normal 9-5 family and we want to spend more time together.

So I get to live at the seaside and walk on the beach as much as I want. My Mum tells me she's going to swim in the sea every day but you won't catch me doing that, way to cold for me!

Anyway i'd like to share my new exciting adventure with you and let you know about all the dog friendly stuff I have planned and then get your opinions and thoughts on my new ideas for my new pub.

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Lots of woof

Boris the pub dog

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